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On stats…

Important Statistics

Important Statistics (Photo credit: DrJohnBullas)

58.6% of all statistics are made up on the spot.
– Unknown

Statistics are like bikinis.
What they reveal is suggestive,
but what they conceal is vital.
– Aaron Levenstein

Without data, all you are is just another person with an opinion.

If you want to inspire confidence, give plenty of statistics.
It does not matter that they should be accurate, or even intelligible,
as long as there is enough of them.
– Lewis Carroll

I figured that if I said it enough, I would convince the world that
I really was the greatest.
–Muhammad Ali

“One Secret That Stops Hackers: Girlfriends”



The majority of hackers “age out” of hacking as they get older and find girlfriends, families, and other responsibilities. Why not invest in educating young hackers sooner, instead of locking them up later?…