Dances With Fat

DefendThere’s something that I see happen a lot when fat people are defending ourselves or become angry about the way we are treated.  I see it on this blog in the comments and on other blogs, on Facebook, I’ve done it myself.  Someone will get upset, rant a little, perhaps swear a little then they’ll write “I’m sorry that I’m ranting” or “I’m sorry that I got angry.”

As always you are the boss of your underpants and if you say this or feel this way then that is totally cool.  I also think that it can happen because anger/ranting/profanity are sometimes not well received, they can make people uncomfortable: [Trigger Warning – there’s about to be a lot of swearing.]

For example, today I saw a  post whose author, responding to the fact that The Biggest Loser is trying to include kids this season, wrote  “WTF”.  People immediately…

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